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Image by Jeremy Perkins

Oh no, I lost or need to find something!

Have you lost something metal recently or years ago? ? In your yard? In your garden? At a ball field? In water? Do you need to find something on your property like property markers? Then we can help!!


How did you feel at the time? You probably felt there wasn't any hope of ever finding it again, right?

Well we have several folks that would be willing to come out with their metal detectors and try to help you find whatever metal item you have lost. 

Image by Estefania Solveyra

NOTE: Anyone in WCMD CLUB could help find lost rings or metal items. This is just an online group that is known world wide for specializing

in helping people find rings, watches, keys, cell phones, etc.

Image by Antonio Uquiche

We have several members in WCMD that are part of this group. Here are their profiles.

Shawn Sherrill (land & water)

Doug Hardy (land)

Robert Brown (land)

Michael Hutchison (land)

Will Badger (land & water)


Need to find my property markers. 

Want to find you property marker? Give us a call, shoot us an email and we will respond back to you to help you locate your property markers..

NOTE: We are NOT property surveyors, but with the use of a metal detector and land apps we can locate or help locate your property markers. 

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